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Project Manager

Organizing, administrating, and monitoring all your projects and tasks related to it in an intuitive environment.  Let´s go!! You are going to see its benefits while you manage your projects 

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You can count on the best option of project management software in a SaaS mode to support your teams throughout the whole project life-cycle.




Benefit from powerful project management tool features.

Create and manage tasks, bugs, change requests, requirements, risks, and more.

Set up and maintain project planning based on your needs.

Organize meetings, documents, and the tracking of time and efforts.

Intuitive and simple user interface.

100% Accessible. 100% SaaS



Manage your projects’ requirements, tasks, bugs, risks, and much more.

Define responsibilities and directly assign the tasks.

Control scheduled due dates and see the change history.

See all details for a specific work package changes in a split view.

Edit work packages directly in the split view.

Create customized filters and add them to the project menu to have them at your fingertips.



Easily create and manage project plans with our view project management tool.

Display work packages in timelines and charts as phases or milestones.

Create customized timesheets with different level of details tailored to your needs.

Create project overarching timeline reports.

See all changes at a glance.

Export your project plans.



Document and share project information in a project views.

Embed attachments, such as images, and timeline or gantt reports directly into project repository.

Link pages directly to documents or work packages.

See all the changes in the change history.

Add notes and marginal information to the project



Support Scrum teamwork and your teams workflow even when working at different locations.

Create and manage  User Stories and Tasks.

Document the effort estimation in story points.

Manage your online Product- and Sprint-Backlogs, as well as Task Board.

Organize Scrum meetings and document the results of Reviews and Retrospectives



Create and monitor your project effort budgets and keep the tracking of all this.

Log time or units spent directly to work packages.

Maintain individual efforts types.

Generate aggregated effort reports and dashboards based on individual filters and grouping criteria.

Project Manager allows you to easily monitor all project activities, delegate and manage tasks, requirements, bugs and much more...


Create and manage your project


You can manage your entire activity through a DashBoard System. From there, you will be able to customize the look&feel, parameter settings, user profiles and users who want to involve in the project, and also will see all changes and comments in the work package history and will be kept up to date about the progress and changes



Create and manage your tasks


This tool provides the functionality to manage your project activities (tasks, task groupes, requirements, bugs, risks, etc.). Also, you could set the status, priority, assignee, due date and any other custom field and you will see all changes and comments in the work package history and besides, filter, group, analyse and extract tasks from project, or could filter by group based on custom fields and save those filters and reports that you wish for reusing it  



Link documents to projects and tasks


The documents are vital instruments in the projects life-cycle. The system provides an environment for manage it and from there  you can upload documents and create a link between any document within a project or task, and vice versa or attach multiple files to a work package and you could review, provide feedback via comments within repository management



Powerful collaboration features to support your messsages


It´s an efficient way to manage your projects based on collaborative communication. You can stay on top of tracking and access your project information securely from anywhere.



Details view


You can choose between different lists and details-view and update the work packages on directly. So, you have all related information and sorted under different tabs for a better overview.



More project collaboration features


You can count on Shared environments, manage meetings with agenda and hours, communicate news within your projects and discuss any topics related with your projects



and much more...