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ennOSP App Integrator

The PARADIGM OF THE VALUE NETWORK as a result of the evolution of traditional CORPORATE VALUE CHAINS implies the exchange of knowledge, information and data.


It allows, through multiple modules, the authentication control, authorization and user access, the ability to consume resources, repositories and applications, all this based on profiles, roles and business rules, on isolated and secured environment, able to providing to users all the power and benefits of Cloud Computing and BlockChain

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ennOSP App Integrator Architecture
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eCosystem Builder
Create your own cloud business ecosystem. Deploy your own Self Service Store, publish your own services, attract third party apps & services and grow together. Connect with other ecosystems and get together more ... more ... and more users
Project Manager
Project Manager allows you to easily monitor all project activities, delegate and manage tasks, requirements, bugs and much more...
La plataforma Webiru ofrece un potente modelo integral que permite gestionar el proceso de construcción, administración y mantenimiento de websites de extremo a extremo.
ennCloud SIGTB for FINTECH
ennCloud SIGTB for FINTECH is based on open architecture and new generation designed to accelerate business processes and cycles of any financial organization, to align technology and business. It becomes an Alternative Technology Platform based on the Development Bank Cores philosophy, configurable and modular, enabling high efficiency in the aspects technological, functional and regulatory of any entity.
ennCloud Traffic & Logistics
ennCloud GLIMP, a Cloud enable Technological Infrastructure wich supports all the intermodal requirements of the distribute trading partners –operators, users,...–, providing great improvements in productivity, competitiveness, cost reduction, optimization of time and eliminating inefficiencies in the Networked Supply Chain to the Traffic & Logistic Sector
ennCloud Smart+
ennCloud SmartCity Model, becomes a model supported by a Technology Platform on the Cloud Computing philosophy, multi-channel multi-device Services for Integrated Smart Entities (Buildings, Communities, Cities, States, …) enabling new models of Management, aligning technological strategies and sensing infrastructure for the provision of Common Services
ennOSP Stats Viewer
This service allows to visualize the ON LINE Infrastructure Big Figures statistics. You will have first-hand-reports about the latest transactions and movements produced in the network
ennOSP Blocks Viewer
This service allows to visualize the ON LINE Infrastructure Big Figures statistics. You will have first-hand-reports about the most recent blocks in the network
ennOSP App Integrator
ennOSP Service App integrator is the point of convergence to implement new services into users' applications in a transparent way, which will allow them to access the resources provided by Cloud Platform as well as the MTC infrastructure
ennOSP TX Integrator
You can select any of the preconfigured TXs presented in the Catalog to integrate them into their own Management Systems
ennOSP TX Developer
It´s a professional service that allows you to design and develop customized TXs to specific needs. Our Smart Contracts Architects will compile the requirements and build the TX to integrate it into your Management System
Central Auth
Professional Services (Optional)

Conceptually, the Identity Management pursues as basic objectives: a) the identification of individuals that interact in the Platform and b) The control of their access to the resources of the Platform.


All this through the association of rights, attributions and restrictions assigned, according to the established identity.



The neuralgic point is to determine the trust status, and from there link the appropriate parameters to establish the limits of navigation, execution and transaction in the Platform.


Central Auth is the point of integration of new interoperables services. Once the trust relationship is guaranteed, it allows managing different processes and procedures that make it possible to integrate new services from the Platform.