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TradeChain for Waste Industry

TradeChain for Waste Management is based on the weight of waste, users have to pay for the use of services according to the amount of waste they produce


TradeChain  is the most forward thinking “Circular Economy” Supporting Solution for Distributed Supply Chain Finance (DSCF) and Distributed Trade Services (DTS).  It enable the automation of global trade transactions, manages large numbers of business partners and documents, and its ensure that businesses always comply with constantly changing international legal regulations

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TradeChain for Waste Industry
TradeChain for Waste Management is based on the weight of waste, users have to pay for the use of services according to the amount of waste they produce
TradeChain for Livestock Industry
TradeChain for Livestock Management has been designed to respond to today´s challenges of Food Industry generally and Beef Industry in particular
TradeChain Waste Industry Solution
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TradeChain runs on an enterprise-grade Blockchain Technology  to support global trade activities with the tools needed to  participate in the most highly-available and highly-scalable  network where logistical and supply chain services, financial  and insurance services, government agencies and customs  authorities can inter-operate and collaborate in the most  secure way.


TradeChain alleviates costly delays and financial risks involved with  imports and exports, thus enabling businesses of all sizes to  react quickly to business opportunities.


TradeChain will support the development of the trade market through supply chain management facilities:


(a) Inclusive, accessible & affordable innovation 
(b) Delivering positive outcomes regardless of legal figure chosen
(c) Profitable, sustainable and resilient business models 



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