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Your team can spend months setting up a new business application and spend others months for integrating identity management with the rest of your applications. ¿Do you want to roll out your application as quickly as possible keeping your data secure and accessible? ¿Do you want renew your existent application with a smart identity management? Join us!! and will see what you can do to make a big impact on your business.


IAMaaS -Identity and Access Management as a service- provides you may have entire control of every your users and covering end-to-end chain of autentication, authorization and accounting to all your apps from a single entry point

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eCosystem Builder
Create your own cloud business ecosystem. Deploy your own Self Service Store, publish your own services, attract third party apps & services and grow together. Connect with other ecosystems and get together more ... more ... and more users
Project Manager
Project Manager allows you to easily monitor all project activities, delegate and manage tasks, requirements, bugs and much more...
La plataforma Webiru ofrece un potente modelo integral que permite gestionar el proceso de construcción, administración y mantenimiento de websites de extremo a extremo.
SIGTB FinTech is based on open architecture and new generation designed to accelerate business processes and cycles of any financial organization, to align technology and business. It becomes an Alternative Technology Platform based on the Development Bank Cores philosophy, configurable and modular, enabling high efficiency in the aspects technological, functional and regulatory of any entity.
Traffic & Logistics
GLIMP Platform, a Cloud enable Technological Infrastructure wich supports all the intermodal requirements of the distribute trading partners –operators, users,...–, providing great improvements in productivity, competitiveness, cost reduction, optimization of time and eliminating inefficiencies in the Networked Supply Chain to the Traffic & Logistic Sector
Smart Cities
maatGroup SmartCity Model, becomes a model supported by a Technology Platform on the Cloud Computing philosophy, multi-channel multi-device Services for Integrated Smart Entities (Buildings, Communities, Cities, States, …) enabling new models of Management, aligning technological strategies and sensing infrastructure for the provision of Common Services
TradeChain for Waste Industry
TradeChain for Waste Management is based on the weight of waste, users have to pay for the use of services according to the amount of waste they produce
TradeChain for Livestock Industry
TradeChain for Livestock Management has been designed to respond to today´s challenges of Food Industry generally and Beef Industry in particular
Switchable IAMaaS
WebSite Builder
App&Services Integrator
MyOwnSite Environment

Conceptually, the Identity Management pursues as basic objectives: a) the identification of individuals that interact in the Platform b) The control of their access to the resources of the Platform, All this through the association of rights, attributions and restrictions assigned, according to the established identity. The neuralgic point is to determine the trust status, and from there link the appropriate parameters to establish the limits of navigation, execution and transaction in the Platform.


IAMaaS uses two Reference Models for the acquisition of validation via TOKEN: BlockChain and OAuth.



You can add or remove users, modify profile and authorization attributes, and identify root-cause user login issues in minutes with a simple, intuitive and powerful web interface.


You can access detailed profile information for each of your users, including authentication details, devices, login history and locations.


You can easily edit user profile information, remove or block users, or sign in as a user.


You can connect your users to your apps in whatever ways you choose.


You can fully customize any stage of the authentication, authorization and access control pipeline.


IAmaaS works with every popular mobile platform. Users can seamlessly authenticate


Whatever the reason, IAMaaS allows you to easily sign in as a user.


The Platform allows creating, designing and configuring the general structure and the particular structures of the WebSite. To this end, the user will have two great options available: You can create, design and configure your own structures from the WebSite BUILDER Module or by selecting a pre-designed structure from the Catalog of Templates WebSite Module PRE-DESIGNED.



Content Managment Solution


It provides all the necessary tools for the professional management of Content. The CONTENT MANAGEMENT philosophy is based on the creation, administration and maintenance of capsules of enriched content, formatted, decoupled and reusable, susceptible of being grouped in multiple categories and presented in any structure or "presentation layer".


The business logic lies in the Component. Through the Configurator of each component, the user defines the behavior, the source of information that will be presented and the structure in which it will be presented.


The decoupling is absolute and any publication can be presented in any structure, be located in any area and be published under any type of grouping


The Publications Manager will allow modeling of the Service's sheet that will present the detailed description and illustrations that it deems convenient for the publication to be attractive, and you can defined the commercial rules from throug the Contract Manager. Immediately you finished the configuration, a widget of the service will be published in the eCosystem Store, available for exploitation.


It´s very important to note that the Store is not only prepared to offer applications as a service, any item of consumption can be published as a widget, from a marketplace-place store to the offer of professional services.


The contracting model is also configurable, ranging from the charging, periodic or prepaid modalities to the more complex case that is the payment for use-strictly consumed-The Platform offers a personalized, isolated and secure environment for each user who has self-provided services and it will have a dashboard to manage its exploitation.



App2Cloud Procedure


We have developed a set of tools, APIs and procedures oriented, on the one hand, to the migration of applications to the model (in industry slang "cloudified"), and on the other hand, supporting to the creation, maintenance and management of Configuration of Applications, Contents and Product Sheets, so that the publication in Catalog is very easy.




All supported by a Back End Administration that will manage the lifecycle of the applications and promote them in Software as a Service mode, accessible in all cases in MultiChannel mode, being able to be deployed in different browsers or devices (multi browser, smart phones, Tablets....)


Summarizing, MyOwn eCosystem Builder provides an cloud environment for the users can navigate your Services Offering, inspect, select any service, define the scope of their needs and inmediately,  they could be doing a provision himself, on a very quick and simple process. Also, after having completed, they will have available a dedicated environment -named MyOwnSite-, in which they will can manage all their applications and services.