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ennCloud SIGTB for FINTECH

SIGTB FinTech is based on open architecture and new generation designed to accelerate business processes and cycles of any financial organization, to align technology and business. It becomes an Alternative Technology Platform based on the Development Bank Cores philosophy, configurable and modular, enabling high efficiency in the aspects technological, functional and regulatory of any entity.

TradeChain for Waste Management is based on the weight of waste, users have to pay for the use of services according to the amount of waste they produce


TradeChain  is the most forward thinking “Circular Economy” Supporting Solution for Distributed Supply Chain Finance (DSCF) and Distributed Trade Services (DTS).  It enable the automation of global trade transactions, manages large numbers of business partners and documents, and its ensure that businesses always comply with constantly changing international legal regulations

Food Safety has become a critical priority for the supply chain. The big key is, rather than just identifying a more generalised commodity group as most market ERPs do, TradeChain provides an effective and cost-efficient traceability system  accurately pinpoint any problem in food safety related to a specific geographical origin, slaughtering or processing facility, down to a farm or even to the single animal.


In an European context in which livestock production is constantly growing and where linked economic activity is becoming increasingly important, cross-border transport of livestock has become a determining factor in ensuring the health and welfare of transported animals and the quality end of the product motived by the huge impact that the transport phase has on the final product


In the same way that it is essential to establish a management framework for the extended responsibilities of the producer such that it is involved in prevention and in the organization of the management thereof, it´s also essential that the activities of the different players involved in the chain of cattle mobility are standardized, monitored and audited in order to ensure strict compliance with the objectives defined