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TradeChain for Livestock Industry

Food Safety has become a critical priority for the supply chain. The big key is, rather than just identifying a more generalised commodity group as most market ERPs do, TradeChain provides an effective and cost-efficient traceability system  accurately pinpoint any problem in food safety related to a specific geographical origin, slaughtering or processing facility, down to a farm or even to the single animal.


In an European context in which livestock production is constantly growing and where linked economic activity is becoming increasingly important, cross-border transport of livestock has become a determining factor in ensuring the health and welfare of transported animals and the quality end of the product motived by the huge impact that the transport phase has on the final product


In the same way that it is essential to establish a management framework for the extended responsibilities of the producer such that it is involved in prevention and in the organization of the management thereof, it´s also essential that the activities of the different players involved in the chain of cattle mobility are standardized, monitored and audited in order to ensure strict compliance with the objectives defined

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TradeChain for Livestock Management has been designed to respond to today´s challenges of Food Industry generally and Beef Industry in particular
TradeChain applied to Cattle Transboundary Transport
Success Case
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Document authentication and Identity Management are closely related, as basic electronic  document authentication can only be established if:


Reputed authenticating authorities exist and if The identity of the requesting entities is known to the authenticating authorities TradeChain will offer electronic authentication services where the entire authentication chain. Permissioned access to the authenticated resources by users or system processes will be  ensured by the BlockChain built-in capabilities




TradeChain offers the functional suite to manage the "rules of truth" for Cattle Management, where electronic transactions and all assets and related documents can be published securely and made publicly verifiable.TradeChain offers customizable trust models, which make it possible to guarantee both  data privacy and auditability required by all the players in the industry: businesses, logistics, financial services,  insurances, authorities... focused on the blockchain-based services with an  emphasis on Supply/Trade Finance/KYC/AML



The ability to secure peer-to-peer financing deals systematically and to execute instant transfers and sanctions are the main advantages that the use of TradeChain introduces. This is only possible if you rely on the secure BlockChain network to control the processing of the funds. To address this fundamental requirement, TradeChain enables the development of Smart Contracts based on cryptographic tokens that will circulate among the stakeholders  as the primary underlying medium of  exchange for supporting deals and trade services. In this way, it will also allow tokenize credit, which will enable further financial trading opportunities





TradeChain Success Case deployed in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain


TradeChain applied to Virtual Livestock Unit is a set of tools that allows the livestock Industry to interact with the Public Administration in an agile and efficient way, being able to access and initiate its procedures in a telematic way.


Improves the relationship between the agents and Public Adminstration


(a) It makes available to the agents the possibility of carrying out procedures electronically, from internet.


(b) Streamlines the start of procedures and procedures management


(c) Integration and interaction with the most important systems of Public Administration


(d) Integration with DNIe and electronic certificate for signature and authentication.


(e) Law 11/2007 electronic access - Right of citizens to interact with Public Administrations by electronic means